AOD are artists Rachel Champion and Tristan Shorr.

AOD sometimes stands for Art Of Disappearing. The company name comes from an initial need we had to create work where we were no longer performers within it and in our unending desire to try to blur the lines between the work, the place and the imagination.

Our work to date include; a futuristic apocalyptic walking tour held along a stretch of deserted beach - The Last Resort – delving into the what ifs when the earth becomes uninhabitable and we only visit as we would a museum, an interactive installation – The Lost Room – where two participants at a time journey, game and explore their imaginations locked inside the bespoke space for an hour, -The Stand In – a participatory audience led experience using script, props, costume and a desire to perform.

We work with 3D sound, music, binaural technology, scripts and scores, narratives, choreography, installation and imaginative situations.

AOD can also stand for - anxiety over digestion, android on demand, art over destruction, agitated on defence, application of desire, arguments over dinner..

You can find more information about AOD here.